2 questions about LPN school...

  1. I completely understand that all schools & all programs are different, but if you could tell me about YOUR experiences with both of my questions...

    A) Are there a lot of biology, chemistry, & math classes that need to be taken to become an LPN?

    B) The entrance tests to get into school - what happens if I don't pass???

    I can deal with the sciences & math, not getting into school, however, would crush me!
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  3. by   Jules A
    Our pre-reqs were the the same as the RN program so we had quite a bit of the sciences. As for the entrance exam it was one of those standardized tests, not sure if HEISI or what but it was my understanding that you don't really pass or fail you are just ranked among the other students that took it.

    Make an appointment with the director of the program you want to attend and find out their particulars. For our program GPA was very important but I have heard that isn't always the case with other programs. Good luck, Jules
  4. by   Irene joy
    The lpn school in my area does require an entrance exam, although it's not too different than a regular college placement exam.It also does'nt require extensive pre-requs either, but there's kind of a catch. If you don't have pre-requs done such as algebra, eng 101, biology and so on they make you take an extra quarter of full time classes containing kind of a mini- a&p and a mini-algebra and a mini-english. This is required before you start the actual full time lpn classes. Problem is, if you are planning on continueing onto RN, then you need to take the regular pre-requs that will count towards the rn program anyway, the mini-courses do you no good exept get you into the lpn courses, so in my opinion, you might at well take the real college credit pre-reqs so their already done when you're ready to bridge over. sorry so long!
  5. by   mammaoftwo
    The LPN program at our school requires you have your CNA certification, your CPR (health care provider level), an 18 on ACT or certain scores on the Compass Test. There is not test on chemistry, biology etc. There are 30 seats available, you have to submit a packet of the required paperwork they request and a letter explaining why you want to become a nurse. I'm not sure how many people apply. They admit twice a year.

    The program is through our Community College which has a bridge program to the RN program.
  6. by   LPNCieBan
    I wish that I had the opportunity to go to a community college and wait but I have three small children. So my only option right now is to go to a private LPN school. After a year of LPN experience I will take pre-reqs for RN. I will make my goal.
  7. by   Princess74
    Our only prereq was A&P but they did offer it there. It was a two month, very accelerated class. It doesn't count toward the Rn program though because there was no lab. It's just a basic class to get you through the LPN program.