..what is the process of getting in gwinnett tech nursing program

  1. i want to enroll in nursing at gwinnett tech, have any one enrolled there for nursing? if so what was the process? and is it very competitive, i know they just started this program up because they dropped lpn
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  3. by   kh0828
    Hi! I applied to Gwinnett Tech in November when I found out they were starting a nursing program. From what I was told the program is very competitive. I believe you have to have all the pre-reqs done before you start as well (but I may be wrong). I know you need at least A&P 1 and 2, micro, probably a chem class, and a math class. I ended up not going there because I was accepted to MCG. But I believe there is a discussion going on in the Georgia forum. Hope that helps a little bit. Good luck!!
  4. by   bouncer13
    You have to have all your pre reqs done before you can apply....all I needed was AP II - taking currently, have 4.0 GPA in science pre reqs and was told that they wouldn't even look at my application for fall 09 class.... because I had not completed AP II yet....
  5. by   Ollyoxalls
    You must have A&P1, A&P2, Micro, Eng1, Psyc1, and Math before you can apply. These are the only classes that they look at to calculate your gpa for program entrance. If you have the minimum gpa for these classes then you are invited to take their entrance test (evolve reachA2). Acceptance into the program is point based. For example if you had a 4.0 in those classes then you would receive 50 points, and if you made a 100 on the entrance test then you would receive another 50 points. There were also about 1.5 bonus points and up to an additional 5 points(for the interview). Bonus points were as follows: if you have written documentation from an employer that you worked/volunteered in a health care setting you received 0.5 points, if you finished all the co-requisites then you also received 0.5 points, and if you were currently enrolled at GTC then also got 0.5 points. The top 60 students were invited to an interview where you could gain up to an extra 5 points. For anyone interested... I was accepted and I calculated my total points to be about 86.07 minus what I may have made on the interview.