:confused: Ahhh... Waiting for Application Results :confused:

  1. It is going to be a long few application process. I applied to a BSN program for the fall. It is a really long application process--I will probably find out in July. I'm so nervous!

    Anybody else waiting to be accepted?
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  3. by   roxxy3773
    I'm waiting as well! I am trying to get into an ADN program, I applied to three different places. I might find out about one by the end of the month, but the other two will be more like April. July is rough though, that is a LONG time to wait! :uhoh21:
  4. by   hairtocare
    Feeling the pain with ya! Waiting on acceptance to ADN program, won't know until April. Deciding whether to apply to anther program at a local hospital, diploma program, just incase I don't get in. Their deadline is march 31, but she said don't wait, as they accept as they process
  5. by   AZMOMO2
    I am debating where to apply and if I should do it now or wait until January's Programs.. That way I'll only have the Nursing classes to take. Two of the programs are private colleges that I have looked into and they don't require pre-req's but cost more. ( I have been taking them anyway) Not sure if I can get enough loan money to cover it all.
  6. by   Harparia
    I applied to my BSN program back in the beginning of January for the fall semester, and I still haven't heard anything yet. I was told that the longer they have your application the better; rejection letters go out first.
  7. by   MedicalNerd
    I have been patiently waiting as well.
    I turned in my apps in Feb and the deadline is mid April. It has been a long wait for me because I have applied now 4 semesters and I am still waiting to get my acceptance letter.

    The schools I am applying to have 600-800 applicants and they only accept 30-60 per semester and it is Lottery (so they say, but it really is not)
    So I am going to expect I will hear good news within 3 weeks and bad news in 4 to 6 weeks. I am trying not to get my hopes up, it just makes it harder to accept each time I get a denial letter.