Pre-Nursing Student questions. :)


Hello everyone!

For a few months now (about 6) I have decided on becoming an RN. My question is, do I need to complete any programs prior to trying to become an RN? (Such as CNA, LPN, etc) and how long do most RN programs run? from what I gathered 2+ years?

Is it possible to apply/register for Nursing school without having any other certification's in the nursing world?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for the St. Louis area? Schools, Programs, etc? Funds are not an issue. (Military) So far I have come across Maryville University, I notice the local community college has a waiting list.

Any information would be great. I am very new to all of this, aside from working in health care environment. Currently 33, going back to school, hopefully fall 2016. :)

Thank You for any information that you provide. :)


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You do not need to complete any programs prior to becoming a RN. You will need to do pre nursing classes before being accepted into a ADN program. I graduated with a ADN so I really only know accurate information about ADN not so much BSN. My college had a waiting list as well- I did my pre-nursing classes and took the nursing program entrance exam and after that applied to the nursing program and was accepted. Most schools have you do the HESI or PAXRN (I did pax.)


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You would want to check the programs you are interested in applying and see what requirements they have. I know some programs can be a little different,as in my area some didn't need you to be a CNA but in one program it required it. Associate degree nursing programs are about 2 years long

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Contact the school you want to attend and develop a plan. They will need to see your transcripts etc. A large amount of nursing schools have wait lists. That is common.