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Hi! I am currently taking prerequisites at Joliet Junior College. I am going to become a nurse. I still have my sciences left as well as sociology. If any one out there has any good notes for chemistry, anatomy & physiology or any other science classes please post them. They can be very beneficial to others that have these classes left. I know you might have worked hard to take these notes but they will be greatly appreciated and they can also help others in need. Also if anyone knows of the things that is needed to study for the teas v test also please post your thoughts or even your concerns.

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Notes and outlines can differ from institution to institution, instructor to instructor. I found what worked best for me was using a lecture outline (provided by the instructor, if available) and writing my own notes on that outline. If an outline was not provided (which was the case in my undergrad years), I wrote all notes by hand in a notebook.

From my experiences, it was just more beneficial to take my own notes (in my own words) because the material "stuck" better in my head.