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Hi, I am a pre-nursing student at LCCC, WY. I am trying to get some information about when to apply to the nursing program. Because it is so competitive, I want to make sure I apply at the right time.

I am currently taking A&PI, psychology, & history, and for Spring Semester 2013, I will be taking A&PII, Math 1400, and Nutrition. By the end of Spring Semester 2013, I will only have to take microbiology (which I plan to take Fall 2013) and then i will be completely finished with all of my pre-reqs.

I am unsure if i should apply this spring for the fall Semester or wait until the fall semester to apply for the spring 2014 semester. I feel that having almost all pre-reqs out of the way would elevate my chances of getting in because I would have more of an opportunity to excel in the program since I wouldn't have any additonal classes besides the clinicals and the nursing class. However, I almost feel that if I apply for the Fall semester 2013, i could get in a little quicker (I am on a time crunch because I am not working and would like to be employed quicker, of course). I have yet to take the Kaplan and will need to do that prior to application, I know. I am not sure when to take that either, since it has a lot of science on there...? I heard it had a lot of questions about geology and chemistry.... never taken those classes. I heard it was like the ACT....which i took back in highschool (2006) and totally did bad on it. That is a big worry ... the kaplan.

For anyone who is/was in the LCCC nursing program or another program similar, can you tell me when the best time to apply is?

just for an fyi... I have a B in A&PI right now and my current GPA is a 3.6

If I do apply and do not get in, I am considering looking at other colleges in WY and CO.

Thanks for any help!!



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I am finishing nursing school here. I completed all per-req courses prior to applying and had no problem getting in. It's all based on a point system. I would think anything above 88 would get you right into the program.



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You will get in! Staying in is another thing. ;) LCCC I think is one of the best nursing programs in the state. You will get the best clinical skill set. BSN students from UW are inferior when it comes to LCCC clinical experienced SN's.

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How many students finish yearly as opposed to how many start the program? Just curious.