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Pre nursing school studying material


I will be started LPN school in August and I was wondering what materials would be good to read this summer just to keep my studying skills fresh and give me a jump start in school. I don't have access to text books yet but I know there are some good alternatives out there.

Thanks in advance for the help!


I will be starting school in the fall as well ...I felt like I had little knowledge of the human body (pre-reqs are not required for my diploma program) so I have bought an anatomy coloring book that has already taught me alot so I feel like I will have somewhat of a knowlegable founation of the human body going in...and every little thing I can learn now will be one less thing in the fall. Besides, it cost me only 5$ off of ebay and I feel good to be doing something and not just "waiting" all day for school to start.:yeah::yeah:

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If you go to half.com you can get old editions of nursing textbooks for cheap - e.g. maybe a dollar or less for the book plus cost of shipping. Just search for "practical nursing" or "vocational nursing", etc.

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Foundations of nursing would be a good book to use. Mosbys is the one for my course. Go to ebay and get a cheapy. Also learn some medical terminology, there's lots of websites and books for that as well. you will learn wich prefixes, root words and suffixes go with what body systems

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