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Pre-nursing HFCC Students

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Hey everyone,

I just registered for classes at Henry Ford Community College as a pre-nursing student. Pre-nursing students I am so excited to start school, I start school in the 2017 winter semester. I created this post to see if there are any other HFCC pre-nursing students here as well. Also I have a question for those who have finished their pre-requisites or to those who are almost finished. Have anyone taken A&P 1 or 2 in the spring or summer semester ? How was it ? I was thinking about taking a&p 1 in the spring and then a&p 2 in the summer.which nursing school do you plan on applying to when you are finished ? How is your overall experience at HFCC ? Are you planning to apply to their nursing program ? Are there any students that are starting in the 2017 winter semester? What was your g.p.a when you applied to hfcc nursing program ? This will be my first time attending college , I cant wait.

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Did you get in OP? There is a thread started for the winter semester students on this forum. Check it out just search HFCC 2017 and itll pop up. Its a bunch of us discussing the upcoming orientation.