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Pre Nursing: CCD Pathophysiology online?


I'm getting ready to apply to Community College of Denver Nursing Program (ADN).

In the interim, I'm thinking about taking BIO 216 (Pathophysiology). They offer it online and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I heard through the grapevine that it's easy when you take it online. It looks like *** is teaching it in spring.

Any additional feedback would be great.

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Sand_Dollar, BSN

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Hi dddduncan,

I'm taking this class right now through ccconline. It is NOT easy online, but definitely doable. Although it is probably different than yours, here is what mine entails:

The text (McCrance) is about 1700 pages and we are going through the whole thing. The course is divided into 9 units, ranging from about 3 to 8 chapters per unit. For each unit there is a discussion, a research 'paper' and an exam. There is also a Research Project due.

Here is an example of a discusssion: Post a minimum 100 work analyis of an acute or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Include a concise discussion of: cases, manifestations, treatment, and possibility of delaying or reducing incident of long-term complications. Along with this you have to post two replies that contribute additional information to those posts.

The research for each unit is a ~2 page paper on a given topic. For example: What are some similarities and differences between chronic bronchitis and emphysema in terms of anatomical/cellular, chemical and functional changes? Include an explanation of changes in lung tissue associated with emphysema and consequences to efficient ventilation and external respiration.

The research paper is ~4-5 pages on a specific disease, disorder or pathological immune response of our choice. It is a full paper that must include at least three sources, title page, abstract, etc.

The exams I have to say can be WICKED. My first three exams went 92, 82 and 76. I posted on the board I was having a hard time just trying to get all this info into my head and looking for new ways to study it. About a dozen people replied saying they were having the same problem. The exams are open book and run about 50Q's, worth 25 points in 100 minutes. There is not enough time to look everything up, especially if you have to search for it.

There are 750 points available in the class. The research is 325 including the big paper, Quizzes 225 and discussions 200. Luckily for me my research papers get high marks and I am still holding on to a solid A. I don't know who *** is, our current instructor is***

I am really enjoying this class, the information is super interesting, but it's just the amount of it that is overwhelming - I consider it great practice for NS! I am taking Biochem concurrently and just finished a CNA class that was taking 15 hours a week out of my schedule. At times it got rough but I am plugging my way through.

Hope that gives you a little helpful info. Good luck with your application and the class, I really do enjoy it.


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Hey dddduncan,

I am also taking it online currently, and I agree it is NOT easy. That being said all of the online posts, research homework each week and the tests all are created equal so to speak. So even though I completely bombed one of the tests, I still have an A because of the homework and online discussions.

It is a tremendous amount of reading, and it is not easy reading either, but very interesting none the less!

Hope that helps and good luck!

Thanks so much! Are you taking this through Community College of Denver?

I'm not sure what CCC online is.

Obviously, class formats will be a little different depending on which school you're taking the class through.

CCCOnline is a collaboration of all community colleges in Colorado. I am taking it trhough Red Rocks and my friend is taking it through Arapahoe Community College. Some of the students in my class are from Pueblo. My friend and I have different instructors, however the syllibus is exactly the same.

It looks like I'm going to have .... Is anyone familiar with her?

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Sand_Dollar, BSN

Specializes in Critical Care, Clinical Documentation Specialist. Has 5 years experience.

dddduncan, you'll have to remove the prof's name or staff will do it for you (against AN's terms of service). I had a different professor than the one you named.

I finished the class with an A. The most useful study technique I found was highlighting things in different colors. General info in yellow, pathophysiology in pink, evaluation and treatment in green, clinical manifestations in orange and anything noting fatal in fuscia. Using a mindmap was also useful, but took WAY too much time.

Good luck with the class, it was very interesting!

I just finished the class with C.R.M in December. Really enjoyed the class! It was a little difficult, but so are all the other prerequisites for nursing school lol! I am so glad I took it before entering nursing school as I have been told it helps reduce stress tremendously. Good luck!