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My Question is about the nursing career path. Can I take the pre reqs at a community college which would take 2 years and then apply to a BSN program at a university? Can you guys provide insight on if this a the right path and what path you would have take or have took. I would really appreciate the help.


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That is the recommended path. CC credits are usually cheaper than university credits. In my state, all state colleges (community colleges and universities) must take each others comparable general education credits.

Check with the university that you want to transfer to and see which classes at the community college will transfer to satisfy their pre-req requirements.

It's definitely the cheaper option, so in the long run it is probably the best option! I don't think there is any wrong place to complete your pre-req's. However, I would advise that you check whatever university/college you plan on applying for nursing school at. I know that the program I graduated from gave precedence to students who completed their pre-req's at the actual university! Knowing that, I would just figure out the best path for you personally. There is no wrong way to attain your degree! Best of luck in the future 🙂

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