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I applied to my first job out of nursing school and had a positive drug screen for marijuana. They suggested that I self report to KNAP (Kansas). I am now in the program, but wondering if it is even worth it. I have been okayed to practice multiple times and my new boss says she will do whatever she can for the board to show that I am a good employee and should be able to seep my license. She is aware of everthing. I have also had multiple negative tests for marijuana. I go to classes and am completing treatment currently. Is it worth just reporting to the board and being done with KNAP or will they automatically take my license. I do have some prior DUIs from years ago (before I received my license) that the board is aware of. They still issued my license knowing this. KNAP is so intense and I feel like I do not need to be in the program. Any advice helps!


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I don't know how the Kansas program is, but if I had a choice whether to self report or not, and still keep my job? I honestly don't think I would have put myself through it. It is very expensive, and in my state (NC), you must surrender your license for a minimum of 3 months. I didn't have the option of whether to report or not.

That said, when you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol ( my doc is alcohol) the monitoring program, meetings, therapy, etc. Does help in staying clean and sober and in recovery, and honestly you can't put a price on a life lived sober.