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I am reviewing the BON website. It seems that nurses even f prescribed are not allowed to take any medication at work that is a narcotic. I've taken adderal and xanax for 9 years. Once my doctor put me on this regimen I became a CNA, CMA,LVN, RN, BSN, and now am applying for graduate school. I went from a party girl with no direction to a focused calm person succeeding in every aspect of life. I have always quit my

meds before any pre employment drug screen out of embarrassment this time I don't want to. I've only made one med error in 3 years. I've never had a sentinel event. And tired of hiding

I was reading to BON website that if any nurse has a positive drug screen even if she is prescribed she will be denied employment and on TPAPN

Is this true?

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I would consider a BON to be a reliable source of what that BON's standards are. As for employment it varies by employer, some do not allow even prescribed use of certain medications they consider to pose a risk. One potential issue would be the combination of a benzo with adderal which suggests inappropriate use of adderal.

I'm a Employee Health nurse for a Southern California hospital. For our prehire urine drug screens employees are cleared even if narcotics, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines (Adderall) are in their urine if they have current prescription which can be verified by pharmacy/ doctor. If the prescriptions are verified as current and legitimate, then the employee's physician must complete a form essentially saying that the employee will be able to fulfill job duties while on the medication.

New employees are NOT hired if marijuana shows up in urine. Even though it's legal in CA and employee has prescription, because it's still illegal in the U.S.

Employees who demonstrate behaviors or symptoms interfering with their job function if verified with charge nurse and manager and employee health nurse (or house supervisor) are sent immediately for urine drug screen and alcohol breath test and eval by MD, PA, or NP. If drug screen is positive, again if prescription is verified the person is not fired but a note clearing them as ok to work and take the med is required. Depending upon the severity of the 'under the influence' behavior- it takes a LOT to get fired unless the drugs are not prescribed or illegal. In some cases the person can go through rehab and possibly return after 3 months - depending on the severity of what the person did or how they acted.



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what cutoff levels do you guys use for thc?