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Pre-employment exam???


Wondering about exams required prior to being hired. What type of questions did you come across and what was the difficulty level? I thought after the nclex exam that would be it! I would appreciate any advice as I am affraid I have forgotten some topics. :crying2: Thanks in advance!

Selene006, BSN, LPN

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I took a few exams when I went to fill out job applications last year. There were some questions about the amount of fluid you flush a g-tube with prior to administering meds, fill-ins about anticoagulants, multiple choice questions about various topics: UTI's, heat failure, etc. The questions were all diverse and some were kind of NCLEX--like. It's not anything that you don't already know and after taking the NCLEX, these pre-employment tests will seem like a walk in the park. Good Luck!


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What Selene006 said. I've taken numerous pre-employment as well as anual skills tests and I believe common sense alone would just about yield a passing score.


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We only had to take a medication test. About 20 or so questions and most could be answered off the top of your head from common things you learned in nursing school. Some were calculations, too. We were allowed to use a calculator and drug book (which they provided). If you got one wrong, they gave you a chance to correct it. Don't know what information it provided to them except that we could look things up and we could use a calculator. :-)

For a free standing urgent and primary care center, I had a chart that I had to fill in for injections. I believe that the patient age and route of injection were given, and we had to fill in the actual site, amount of medication allowed, needle length and guage.

hi guys im gona take a test tomorow in a care home as an RN(need experience). im a little freaked out. im afraid i might fail. was is hard?