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I am currently in my 2nd year of 3 studying.

I have done a number of practicum weeks ina variety of settings as set out by my school such as:

Rest homes

Community ie: ambulance, district nursing, hospice


Mental Health

Now heres the big question of the day... Next year we get to choose an elective and i am wanting something that will help in my state finals. Such as what nursing area should i choose so that when I do my states i will know and have good first hand experience off??? So that i can look at the question and go 'Oh yeah i know that answer cause i have knowledge from such-in-such'.

I was thinking of doing GP (general practioner nursing) but am thinking that may not teach me more of the basics, like respiratory, cardiac, diabetes etc. GP may not be that broad a choice for state finals.

I have heard medical is the place to go but at the same time i am always hearing how awful it is. LOL. But again i can suck it up as long as i learn stuff towards helping me pass that exam to become a RN.:)

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Where are you? I somehow think you are not in the US so this may need moving to a more appropriate forum

New Zealand, sorry probably should have mentioned that, but i was just expecting our exams may have similar stuff in if that makes sense. If this is in wrong forum could you please let me know where to post it .. or move it there. Cheers

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

I have moved this to the Australia/New Zealand forum

NCLEX is a beast on it's own as it the preparation.

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I never sat state finals here in Australia, but you should consider going to a combined medical/surgical ward as you will get lots of exposure to common medical conditions they will ask u about on the exam, diabetes, lung problems/COPD, hypertension, etc. Surgical wards are great for learning re neurological obs, wound drains, wound care, removing stiches, doing bladder scans, ECGs etc. My last placement was in a combined cardiac/renal ward, and was a good learning environment (though I can't stand cardiac now!) A GP surgery is not going to give you a sound foundation for good, basic clinical skills.

Hope u do well & pass ur exam

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