how do you practice your skills?


They only show us each skill once at my school and I'm a bit nervous about the skills portion of the exam so I'm seriously considering buying a little Barbie doll from a toy store and using her as my "patient" to practice with while I'm at home. Has anyone else done this? How do you practice?

Same way you've suggested - in my case it was a GI Joe doll. Some people use relatives, or bundled-up bedclothes, or whatever - but, the more practice you get the easier it'll be; and, the greater the likelihood that you'll pass the dreaded "skills test". Not to mention when you get that "real world" job you'll be just that much better off.

----- Dave.


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They don't have mannequins for you to practice on? If not then you need to practice on your own at home, practice on your kids, friends, family members, boyfriend/husband whoever. Make sure to go through the whole skills as you would if you were being tested and make sure you are verbalizing as you go, which you will also have to do when tested and if you don't practice you will get tongue tied and distracted from the skill performance. Good luck!