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Potentially Successful


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What makes a successful nursing student...to YOU? ;)


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A successful student is one who is able to grasp both theory and practice and apply it in the field. A successful student is able to critically think and analyze a situation. Just giving it your best does not a successful student make.

We weren't all meant to be nurses. This is a career where peoples lives are on the line.


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I so agree with the first post!

Just want to let people know who are planning to take up nursing just for the money to think about it really really hard. It's not easy. It's definitely not for everyone. Even if you've graduated and have all your exams, but if you can't step up your game and crumble under pressure, this is not for you. I know some people who actually quit because they basically can't handle the job.

And fyi, money won't be flowing out of your ears once you start working. I wish.


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A successful student nurse is compassionate with her patients as well as fellow students , nursing staff, and instructors.

She/he is also a team player and doesn't look down upon anyone. She/he offers a helping hand to everyone.