Postpartum nursing vs Mother-Baby nursing.....

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So, at this point, I have a new graduate job in postpartum......don't get me wrong, I am SUPER GRATEFUL for my career and I love what I do, but I am fearful. See, the nursery takes all responsibility for the neonates. My job is to care for the mother. To my understanding, most postpartum jobs are "mother-baby/couplet care". I am afraid that when I return to California to look for a job (I am currently working in Texas but am from California), my experience will not be aknowledged because I have no experience with the neonates. Should I try and get some experience in the nursery here, or will plain "postpartum" be aknowledged anywhere I go? :confused:

I don't think it matters, as long as you have experience within one of those sections I think you will be fine. Try and see if you can eventually get a chance to float to the nurser every now and then.

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I think you will be okay too, but I second the advice to ask to float to nursery on occasion. At the very least, see what you can glean from your colleagues that do the nursery end. When you're caught up, see if someone will walk you through a newborn assessment as often as you can. If you seize the chances you during this time, the transition will be that much easier when you do make it. Best to you!


Can I ask what part of Texas you work in?


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