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Post NCLEX interview Jan 3, 2011

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Hey Guys! I always interview students after they take NCLEX to assess if my tutoring helped them pass or not. My last student gave some really good insight that I wanted to share. Here is a short section of her interview. Hope it helps!

"First of all, thank you because some of the topics on the test I would have not studied if you didn't send me the topics to review. Secondly, I don't know if this is a confidence booster for others trying to take the NCLEX because I was not confident at all and pretty much gave up at question 36. Then I realized I gotta keep trying or the test will shut down at 75 which it did and my heart sank. I was confident in 5 of my answers out of the 75 and had to make educated guesses but in the end I passed and thanks again for all your help."

What state did you take NCLEX RN in? California

How long after graduation did you wait to take NCLEX RN? Our program is complicated. I finished the coursework in October 2010 but officially graduated Dec 2010. So technically it was 2 months after finishing classes before I took the NCLEX.

Approximately how many hours a week did you study? I studied about 9 hours a day for 3 weeks after I got my ATT.

Was this your first time taking NCLEX RN? Yes

What are some of the resources you used to prepare for NCLEX RN? Saunders, an NCLEX review app on the Iphone (9.99 for 780 questions), and I borrowed a Kaplan strategy book from the library. Saunders is good for a review of the content but I don't feel like it was challenging enough. Learn the content and learn how to apply the content. I feel like even though it was 75 questions, it was basically 75 questions times 4 because each answer choice was plausible. I was really glad I got tutoring time with Regina because she pointed out topics that could be on the test that I didn't think of especially since nursing school didn't require us to memorize it.

What content or areas of study would you suggest nursing students really focus on? INFECTION CONTROL! Priority questions like who should you visit first. Drugs and associated teaching. My last semester of school consisted of a leadership course and community course which was a breeze but the principles learned in that class was actually very prominent on the test in retrospect.

What is a myth about NCLEX RN that you found to be totally bogus? I actually only heard that it was hard and there was no myth there. Even though it is a hard test with hard questions, it is doable and that is important to remember that you have the skills and education for this.

Looking back if you could give yourself any advice to prepare for NCLEX RN what would it be? Mentally prepare yourself in addition to studying. There will be hard questions and you may feel like you know nothing but you will get through it. If you feel like you don't know anything, take a breather and start using your strategies one by one.

Anything positive or a confidence booster for nervous pre NCLEX test takers? I was really nervous taking the test and during the test, I wanted to give up because it was so hard BUT you have to remind yourself that the median to pass is 50% and that not all questions will be counted. Also, maybe you're getting hard questions because you are above the median. I walked out thinking I had to fail because I was so unsure of the answers but in the end I passed.

Would it be ok to use your full name or would you like to be anonymous? You can just sign it Tru:)

Hi did you pass the test?


Specializes in Cardiology, NCLEX instructor.

By using the resources listed above, I think that is the answer to your question?

Thanks for sharing this. :)


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