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I am an aspiring nurse practitioner with no nursing background. I am interested in becoming a family nurse practitioner and am trying to figure out all the different opportunities out there. Is a post masters certification in FNP the same as getting a masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner? Would there be a difference in the jobs that are available, or does a post masters certification require more experience to be eligible for similar opportunites as the masters in FNP?



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A post-masters certificate is a specialty certification where you go to school alongside those RN's getting their MSN and just pick up the classes you still need to complete.

My example is that I have a MSN in management and leadership and I then completed a post-MSN adult health clinical nurse specialist. In order to do this, I had to take advanced pharm, pathophys, assessment and do 576 clinical hours in addition to three other courses.

No difference in what the end result is though. There are direct-entry MSN programs too - you might want to look there.


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The post-Master's certificates are for those who already have an MSN in something but want to switch (or add on) advanced practice roles. You take the specialty courses necessary to qualify for the advanced practice role without having to retake the core/general MSN classes.

If you don't have a Master's in nursing already, you would not be eligible for a post-Master's certificate program (i.e., a Master's in another discipline would not qualify).

However, as traumaRUS pointed out, there are now many schools offering so-called "direct entry" MSN programs, for people who have a baccalaureate degree in something else (not nursing) -- lots of people in your situation go that route.



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I am doing a post-Master's now, I have a MSN (nursing education) and can not take the pay cut to be an instructor. I did the pharmacology course last semester and will begin the clinicals in the Fall. I already had patho. The best thing is not having to write another thesis :)



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The post masters student in my graduating class did the whole program side by side with the rest of us with the exception of theory. They didn't make her do that again.

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