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Post-Masters Acute Care NP Programs


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I’m applying to CSULB and CSULA. However, my BSN/MSN was a pass/no pass system which translates to a 3.0. Combined with my ADN my average is 3.11. I’ve been a nurse for 7 years, have my PCCN, and charge/teaching experience but I’m afraid I won’t get in because of my GPA.

What other programs (online or hybrid) have good reputations for their Acute Care program? 

Thanks in advance. 

barcode120x, ADN, BSN, RN

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Don't think I've heard of an acute care NP Program. I had the impression anyone going for NP essentially goes through an FNP program first and then transfers to another school that has a specific certification for a NP specialty such as E-NP. For acute care I would imagine you are talking about a hospitalist or internal med NP and I would think that would definitely need to be some sort of certification. I do know that PMHNP programs are their own programs that combine both MH specialty and FNP together.

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@Alaxamanathere are several Adult Acute Care NP programs but they are better known as "Adult/Gerontology Acute Care NP Programs.  According to US News, Duke University and U-Penn have the top programs in the country.  I am not sure if they offer online/hybrid programs but I am including the link to the information from US News and Graduate Nursing Education Organization so you can do more research.




Good Luck!

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