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This is basically a "post of last resort." I am a new grad nurse from Excelsior College with 10 years as a Paramedic. I am interested in the emergency room or any area of critical care. I've not been able to find a position locally, and am looking to relocate for a position.

My wife is a Neonatal Physician Assistant, and would be relocating with me (which has added some complication to things,) however I have been told that my career has priority, as she can work locum or would consider working in another specialty.

If -anyone- can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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Have you checked out Nashville, Tn? Cost of living in Tn is not bad at all. They have some excellent NICU's there. And Vanderbilt has great critical care and trauma units. You might like trauma. I don't know about their ER. I would certainly suggest Nashville over Memphis, esp if you have children. I live in rural Tn b/c I don't like cities, but as far as cities go, it is nice. Where are you living now?


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Try Southeast Missouri. They are definitely hiring and will start new grads in the ICU. Also have some very good NICUs.


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Thank you both very much for the leads.

Where are you living now?

I live near Philadelphia, PA. Area seems to be on a complete freeze right now, and since I went to a nontraditional school, I didn't make the contacts in the local hospitals that might have helped me. I would probably be able to get a job at HUP (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) because I worked there for a number of years as a hyperbaric tech, but they only hire BSN-prepared nurses according to HR. Le sigh.

However, I can't complain, because I have the flexibility to go wherever I need to, and hopefully there are jobs somewhere. :)

I will run down the information you've given me. I hope you wouldn't mind additional PMs or questions after I do some of my homework. If anyone else has any other suggestions, I would still love to hear them. Thanks very much.

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