Yale MSN 2019

  1. Hello nurses!

    I was was hoping to find others who also applied for the MSN program at Yale School of Nursing this year.

    I have 3 years of nursing experience under my belt, 1 year at Hartford Hospital and 2 years at Brigham and Women's Hospital. I went to Northeastern University and had an average GPA. I did alright on the GREs. I spent a lot of time on my essay and hope that the school sees why I want to return to school.

    The deadline for the MSN program was Nov 1. I submitted mine on Oct 31. I didn't get a confirmation email from the school if they received all the parts to my application. I know it's soon but I'm really anxious. Just looking to see if there are other applicants out there that can commiserate with me or if anyone has any insight about my chances of getting in! It's also frustrating that any information I find online is about the GEPN program. Even the information session I attended seemed like it was really geared to non-nurses applying to the GEPN program. When I asked, I was told that there is a mix of RNs and non RNs but when shuffling through allnurses, it seems like there are way more spots for non RNs.
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  3. by   whnpcnm
    Hi there! I applied for the MSN program too! Have you heard anything back yet? Such a stressful waiting process. Which specialty did you apply for?
  4. by   VeeRN4147
    I have not heard anything back yet. Hoping we hear something before the holidays.

    I applied for FNP, you?
  5. by   whnpcnm
    I applied for nurse-midwifery! I reached out to Sandy. She said we should hear after the first of the year about interviews/decisions

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