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  1. by   incublissRN
    Thank you for this thread.

    I would like to start an online FNP program next summer and am currently working 3 12s night shift. Luckily my husband just got a job so hopefully I can cut back to 2 12s a week when clinicals start.
  2. by   Cardiac-RN
    ((yellow finch))
    i can totally sympathize with you about having to graduate later than you originally thought due to the way life just works out!!
    congrats on how much you have accomplished so far. i have to agree that you will probably get so much more from your clinical experience when it is the only thing you are focusing on that semester.

    Good luck!

    Quote from yellow finch
    Great thread! I started my FNP program working a minimum of 36 hours as a full-time student. It was online which allowed me to manage classroom time around my work schedule. At first, taking on a full-load in school wasn't a problem because the didactic areas were easy for me. I was able to study at odd hours and still keep up with my assignments, quizzes, exams, and papers. No problem!

    Then the first year ended and "real" clinicals started. I had 180 hours of clinicals to complete this past Spring along with a lab course and research class. First I dropped research when I found I couldn't keep up, then at last I had to give up my clinical course. I cried for days thinking I was a failure and couldn't hack it. Looking back I'm glad I did it! Although I've extended my graduation by an entire year (ugh) I am enjoying school a whole lot more and not struggling this semester. This time, clinicals will be easier to complete because it will be the only class I'm taking this coming Spring.

    I hope this added something to the conversation. My original graduation would have been next month... I have to get past that and enjoy the remainder of the program. It's not impossible, but there are struggles along the way sometimes. So far they've been worth it.
  3. by   fgoff
    Working and school is do-able. I've found that I have to make a more detailed "To do list". I try to include time lines so I don't short change anyone or thing. This is working for now. I'm only 4 weeks in to an online MSN program (Advance Patho). I've learned a great deal.
    Go for it!!
  4. by   yellow finch
    Quote from Otessa
    How true that you shouldn't be upset if you don't get an "A". My first class I received 92% (93% was an "A").

    I'll be happy with a "B" average in graduate school actually.
    No kidding! I'm not trying to break any records. Heh. So far I have one B and one B+. The rest are As. That's good enough for me.
  5. by   Otessa
    Currently work M-F 40 hrs/wk. I am an Educator. Wish I could work part time. Contemplating a part time job BUT I am working on my MSN with a focus on education(all online). Can I stick it out until Fall 2009 when I will be done with my program??

    Going to give it a whirl. I can do anything for two years...right?

    Wish me luck.