When I finish this FNP program I am going

  1. to work 1 year then put my name on a list at the university offering my services as a preceptor. Finding someone to agree to be a clinical preceptor has been the hardest part of this entire program :angryfire I am now 2 weeks into my pediatric rotation and I haven't found anyone to be my preceptor. If I don't finish now it will be because of this. I drove over 150 miles for clinical last semester and I just can't do it again.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Gee whiz Adria. I too had a difficult time with getting preceptors but fortunately didn't have to drive that far. Maybe if you post here as to your general area of the country, one of our posters would be able to help you?
  4. by   adria37
    I am in Western North Carolina. There are 3 of us from this rural county in the program and there just are not enough people willing to take on the responsibility I would welcome any suggestions. MAHEC is going to take over the responsibility of finding clinical placements next semester and not a minute too soon in my opinion. This truly has been the worst and hardest part of the program. I would hate to flunk out because of a lack of clinical sites. I did not wait until the last minute to look for a site either. I had someone who agreed to do it in October who is now back pedaling due to being too busy, has a medical student, and didn't realize it would require so much time. I told him the hours required when I ask and then reconfirmed in December. They even signed and returned the contract to the school prior to this semester. I truly will make it a point to help another student because of this. I am 2 weeks behind on a 15 week semester and have to have 180 hours of clinical
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Gosh - how frustrating. What does your instructor say about this? Its obvious you had your ducks in a row and they were shot out from underneath you.
  6. by   adria37
    They are being supportive giving me numbers of people to call so that is what I am going to do tomorrow. I am just really getting bummed out about the entire situation
  7. by   zenman
    I dropped out in the Fall due to not being able to get a placement in time. Now, the very place I work in is starting a medical clinic and both MDs are willing to precept me. Try to keep your chin up. Are there any Indian Reservations around?
  8. by   adria37
    Indian reservations are 3 plus hours away and with the winter weather I don't think that is an option. I have been unsuccessful in the 2 neighboring counties and still looking. It is getting bleak.