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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   BlueEyes85
    Anyone else's heart drop when they got the survey they sent regarding the interview?! Haha!
  2. by   keeslove3
    OMGosh @blueeyes85 I held my breath for two seconds and then my heart sank after reading it haha
  3. by   ktonic
    MINE DID OMG!! lol
    I was like, Already?!
  4. by   ucefrain
    Same here! Wow what a rush! Survey.....
  5. by   alwaysxsmile03
    hello everyone,

    i also interviewed at western on friday 2/22 and am "patiently" waiting. i know the hard part is over, but the wait is driving me insane! i know we won't know until 2-3 weeks later but i cant help but check this site religiously for updates! i'm glad to have others in the same boat as me

    and dude, i think i had a heart attack when i saw the survey. close call. haha!
  6. by   wfapanchita
    Hey everyone!!! I'm new to this site!! Its great to find people that are actually going through the same nervous breakdowns as I am. I was interviewed on 2/20. I thought that the whole interview process was great. I really liked their staff, and program. So now its just a matter of waiting!!
  7. by   superfryk
    Ok.... i woke up this morning having a terrible dream that we were ALL sitting outside in a garden, dressed in crazy floral 80s dresses, waiting to hear... My son was there running around. Then slowly Michelle Cowling came out with a list & a handful of money and came to me first reading my name & saying I had been rejected. She then handed me a $2 bill and said it was for good luck. I was so confused & dismayed but decided to leave so grabbed my son along with for some reason I had an arm full if 2x4s I had to carry and struggled out.
    ..... Sooooo anyone want to take a shot at interpreting this one???
  8. by   BlueEyes85
    Superfryk, that is hilarious! I haven't had any weird dreams...yet!

    Is Western everyone's first choice?
  9. by   WinterSoldier
    @Superfryk WOW!!!! How awful! Such a strange dream! I'd like to see the group in floral 80's dresses... Maybe once we are in we can make that a reality, LOL

    @BlueEyes Yes, Western in my first choice. I can't stand waiting--trying to be as patient as possible but I was accepted to another program (considerably more expensive and out-of-state) and will probably have to submit a deposit soon. Western's program seems to be such a good fit for me, and I've grown to really like all of you guys too!!! I really hope all of us here on AN are accepted. Sending out positive thoughts for all of us while we wait.
  10. by   BeesMama
    Western is definitely my first choice! Like Ceci, I am so impatient! I want to know the answer, now!
  11. by   marisapm
    This is even worse than the wait for interviews! It's going to be a VERY long 2 weeks! At least they accept a large cohort.
  12. by   wfapanchita
    Yes!! Western is definitely my first choice!! Two more weeks to go... I wonder if any of those that got interviewed on the first week (1/29) have already received any acceptance letters?
  13. by   marisapm
    Was anyone here in the 2/20 afternoon interview group?