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Hey all, It's been kinda quiet this year in terms of applicants getting together and expressing their mutual frustration at having to wait so long to hear from the school of their dreams! From... Read More

  1. by   BeaconStreet
    Got the same email. I guess what's done is done! I bet you will get it on Saturday. Depends what time they mailed them.
  2. by   cheakeemonkee
    I just got an email from Columbia letting me know that my decision letter has been mailed. They won't tell people over the phone or email, but I assume they'll email everyone about their decision letters so people can be on the lookout in the mail. But if you're like me, you check your mailbox three or four times a day anyways!
  3. by   cozzy66
    According to Gmail, the email re: the letter was sent at around 5PM, which means that the letters were either not picked up, or were picked up by the 5PM carrier. If the latter situation is true, I believe that people living in NYC may have the letter on Saturday!!!!
  4. by   ndnutmeg
    So you think that if we live in NYC, we won't get the letter until Saturday? I was hoping that we might have a chance to get it tomorrow. That just means one extra day of feeling nauseated until we finally get the letters, I guess. I hope that all of you who have posted get the responses that you all are looking for! By the way, do any of you know the exact admissions statistics for Columbia? So that way, if I get rejected, I can know just how bad I should feel about it
  5. by   ec215
    here's a site i found regarding admissions statistics. although it's only up until 2005. on a slightly positive note--the acceptance rates were all above 50%!

  6. by   cozzy66
    those are some really beautiful numbers!
  7. by   kmp2120
    Good luck to everyone!!

    I am currently in the ETP year of the direct-entry program - feel free to ask any questions that you may have!! :spin:
  8. by   anniepants
    hey guys,

    i actually received my columbia letter today in the mail (i'm in nyc)...it was good news!!

    the date on the envelope says jan 31st, but the date on the letter says feb 1st...interesting...

    did anyone else get their letter today??
  9. by   Kurlyz26
    Hey all,

    So I received the letter today!!! How sneaky! But after all the anticipation I am happy to say it was great news as well..woohoo! I am still waiting on Yale, though.

    ...good luck everyone!!!! You all deserve the best!

    ...here is a good luck dancing monkey for you all! Aww ....all the best guys!!!!!
  10. by   cozzy66
    Anniepants and Kurlyz26,

    Congratulations on your acceptance!!

    Now I'm going to be frantically calling home about the mail tomororw... good luck sleeping! :spin:

    edit: I just realized we hadn't checked the mail today so I frantically ran down the steps only to be greeted by tax documents and a book for classes... boo!
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  11. by   ndnutmeg
    So people in NYC have already received their letters? Oh God....now I will be going downstairs to check for the mail about every 10 minutes or so. Congratulations to everyone who already found out! To anyone who was accepted...are you definitely going to Columbia or still waiting for letters from other schools? I will definitely go if I am accepted so I really really hope it works out
  12. by   BeaconStreet
    Congrats Anniepants and Kurlyz! :hatparty:

    Have any non-NYC-ers gotten their letters yet? Let us know where you are if you do!

    I'm in Boston and I don't know if I should go home from work to check or if it's too early to get my hopes up!

    Edit: Went home and it's here and I'm in! :smiley_aa Good luck everyone!
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  13. by   cozzy66
    I'm getting really nervous b/c I'm in NYC and I still haven't gotten a letter!!! :uhoh21: