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Hello fellow hopefuls!! I was just wondering if any of you are waiting on a interview letter for Yale's Fall 2006 GEPN Program or Columbia's Summer ETP program??? The waiting is unbearable! ... Read More

  1. by   krystellmarie

    good luck to you as well. i just pm'd you in case you want to get together while you are in town.
  2. by   lovingpecola
    How was it? How was it? How was it? LOL
  3. by   krystellmarie

    I just PM'd you with all the details, but I will recap just in case anyone else is interested...

    The day was packed full of information. I was there from 9am until 8pm (including the potluck dinner that night), so it was tiring. There is a general info session, a specialty track info session and a financial aid info session. Lunch is served - it was sandwiches, potato salad, rice pilaf, and cookies. Remember to bring mints, as the food had onions in it... My interview lasted a half an hour, but some lasted over an hour.

    I met some really great people. Good luck to everyone.
  4. by   lovingpecola
    You sound drained...and after a day like that, I would be, too. An hour is a long time to be interviewed, I hope I am on the shorter side...I will be so nervous...

    How was financial aid? I recently received some info about fin. aid from Vanderbilt and they basically said "we don't pay for everything, so have some of your own money" which was very discouraging...

    Was the potluck informative?
  5. by   krystellmarie

    Yes - it was definitely draining to have the interview and potluck on the same day. Maybe having it split up will be better for you? The potluck is informative if you seek out students to talk to. We had both Thursdays and Fridays interviewees at the potluck, so your's should be a little less crowded.

    The financial aid session was a bit depressing. They offer you loans first and then "scholarship", as the financial aid director called it. She said that the loans add up to $20,500 and then the "scholarship" is up to $8500. The overall cost of the first year (with lodging, food, transportation and all) was quoted at $56,000!!! ugh. She stated that the rest of the cost can be covered in private loans, if needed!!

    Scary, huh???
  6. by   lovingpecola
    Since everyone's finished with their interviews...how did it go? My interview went really well, I left feeling very good about my possibility of being admitted...but then, like krystellmarie, I went to the financial aid session...I had to get outside and get some air.

    It wasn't the cost (I knew that before I went) it was how they expected you pay for it. I don't qualify for private loans, and my parents don't either...so where does that leave me?

    Sad. Very sad.
  7. by   krystellmarie
    I have heard that the Columbia decisions are going out on February 1st!!

    That is this WEDNESDAY!! UGH!! :uhoh21:

    Good luck to everyone who applied!!
  8. by   lovingpecola
    Wow. Good Luck everyone!
  9. by   mvd737
    Hi everyone... I'm new to this thread, but I am also an applicant to Yale and Columbia. I have only received letters from johns hopkins and vanderbilt and am happy to say I got into both! I'm still waiting on Yale and Columbia and know I'm going to have a hard time deciding on where to go if I get admitted to either. Any opinions?? I had a phone interview with Yale that I feel went very well... but I was hoping to get some feedback from someone who actually went to visit the school. I have heard that the facility does not live up to its name -- is that true?? What an intense time... good luck everyone!
  10. by   lovingpecola
    Hi MVD,

    Congrats on JHU and Vanderbilt! I interviewed at Yale last week and there really isn't much of a campus to talk about. The nursing school is one building - a small building in which students will spend most of their time. I didn't see much more of the campus, as the day was full of events.

    People might be talking about the location of the campus, which most people kept calling "dangerous" but really it was only an inner city - like most other inner cities...but I guess if one is used to suburbia or has been sheltered for most of their life it would seem like a "dangerous" place - but I didn't feel unsafe at all!

    It is a really hard decision to make...
  11. by   krystellmarie
    i received my letter from columbia yesterday and i was accepted!!!

    yeah!! :roll

    has anyone else heard?? i think we will hear from yale next week - ugh!!

    good luck to everyone!!
  12. by   bics
    Oh my gosh!! Congratulations Krystellmarie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty:

    I think my notification will be arriving tomorrow-oy vey. That is so awesome--good luck with yale, I think we should find out this tuesday or wednesday. Who knows, maybe we will be classmates this fall!

  13. by   krystellmarie
    Bics -

    Yes, I hope we are classmates in the fall!!

    Which program are you leaning more towards??