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Hi all! I just wanted to get a thread started for those who plan on applying to Vanderbilt's prespecialty (for non-nurses) MSN program. I only recently discovered this program about 2 months ago... Read More

  1. by   mef06011
    Quote from TGill06
    Hey MEF,

    I was on the online application page and I didn't see where it lets you know if the transcripts were received. Is it on the first page right when you log-in?

    Hi Trisha,

    Yeah, if you are at the top of the page I think it says "Fall 2011" and allows you to click on it. It should then take you to a page with your transcripts, recommenders, and GRE scores. If it says transcripts are missing, that doesn't mean that they actually are...just trying to save everyone else from the mini-heart attack I experienced. hahaha
  2. by   T-Dasha
    Yea I did receive an email. It was kind of a bummer to get that email because I live in Georgia now. So when I saw that Georgia was one of the places in which we could not do our specialty year I was definitely let down. So I decided that if I get accepted then I'll move back home to Louisiana and do my specialty year there.

    What about you? How did you respond to the email?
  3. by   rtaylr5
    Wait.... Wait... Wait.... I just wanna fast forward through the next 6-8 weeks! =)
  4. by   TGill06
    Haha yeah, it says mine are missing and they shouldn't be. Do you think I should contact them about that? And did you turn in your app exactly on Dec 1st?
  5. by   mandi.h
    I applied to the psychiatric NP specialty, which requires an interview. Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back about scheduling the interview? I live on the east coast and was wondering how much notice I'll have to make my arrangements. Thanks so much!
  6. by   nikki164

    Well, I just kind of said that I am fortunate enough to have flexibility in where I do my specialty year, so if it comes down to a space issue, I will do whatever they need me to do, basically. (Obviously, I didn't say it like that)

    Currently, I live in Nashville and I just moved year only a year ago to live with my boyfriend of 5 years who is a 3rd year at Vandy med. He'd apply to residency in the city and surrounding area of where I decide to go for my specialty year. Its just sad because I've gotten super comfortable in Nashville and made our home a real home. I'd hate to pick up and leave again, but oh well!
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  7. by   jenna88
    Hi all,

    I know I am jumping in a bit late on this conversation. Applied on Dec 1st for pre-specialty entry into the WHNP program. I read in some article how the 2010 class had an average GPA of 3.3 and a 1070 GRE? This seemed low to me but sure made me feel better!!
    Dreading waiting another ~2 months!
  8. by   T-Dasha

    What article did you read that in? Do you have the link?
  9. by   jenna88
    I saw it about 3-4 months ago- It was a legitimate article published by some organization at Venderbilt- I wanna say the school newspaper of college of nursing newsletter. I just googled and it came up but now I cannot find it to save my life- really weird... But yeah like I said I was shocked by those stats
  10. by   mef06011
    Hey I just got an e-mail asking me to interview for the midwifery specialty, did anyone else get this? I didn't know they did interviews for any other specialty but Mental Health.
  11. by   bluetonbo
    Yes I just got an email requesting a telephone interview as well - I applied for the Family NP program. I felt I was pretty comprehensive in my written interview response, so I'm not sure what else they would need to ask. I called the school to get more info on this and how best to prepare but just received an email response indicating "there is no advanced preparation for this interview." Thoughts, anyone?
  12. by   nikki164
    I didn't know they did interviews for anything else other than mental health either... does anyone in pediatrics have an interview?? Who was this email from, the admissions office or specialty director?

    mef06011- is yours an in-person interview or phone?
  13. by   bluetonbo
    Mine was from the "Dept Education Assistant," FNP/NMW programs, which explains why a midwifery specialty applicant would get an interview request around the same time.