University of Southern Maine ABSN 2018? - page 5

Hey guys, I applied to USM's ABSN program for the May 2018 start date. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm dying to know if I got accepted. I had a 3.8 GPA in undergrad and I just finished a... Read More

  1. by   amar2
    I was finally able to get into my Maine Street account, and I don't have a decision yet! Hopefully tonight/sometime this week? I know they had to close a day early last week due to the storm, which I'm sure messed the process up. Fingers crossed!!!
  2. by   Priority53
    I got in! Letter arrived on Dec 21. I just found this thread. Abbey, I messaged you on FB, totally want to start a group.

    Can't believe they're still stringing the letters out... good luck all!
  3. by   allisonmcx
    I made a facebook group. It's a closed group under the name University of Southern Maine Accelerated Nursing 2018-2019 so people can join!
  4. by   rrobertsj
    Has anyone else heard anything? My portal still has the green circle, i can't believe it's taking so long!
  5. by   arose2
    rrobertsj- Nope, still haven't heard. Nursing department says to call admissions, but admissions says they haven't heard anything from nursing department. Admissions says nursing department's goal is to have the rest of decisions within next couple weeks. I'd like to know one way or the other.
  6. by   rrobertsj
    Me too, it's so frustrating!
  7. by   arose2
    Got a rejection letter today. My toddler gave me a hug- all's well!
  8. by   amar2
    Sorry to hear about the rejection!! Did anything change on your portal, or was it just the letter?
  9. by   arose2
    Absolutely nothing changed in portal- still has the green circle by the Sci/Nur/Ugrad/FA application! Good luck to y'all still waiting on responses. FYI: My letter was dated January 3rd and I live in Portland (didn't even look at when it was postmarked on the envelope) so I imagine the storm had something to do with it taking a few days to get here.
  10. by   Priority53
    Additional hugs here, if you want them.
  11. by   amar2
    I'm waitlisted-- I'll take it!