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Hey guys, I applied to USM's ABSN program for the May 2018 start date. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm dying to know if I got accepted. I had a 3.8 GPA in undergrad and I just finished a... Read More

  1. by   allisonmcx
    Me too! I want to know before Christmas haha. I saw on the ABSN-MSN option thread someone wrote admissions told them letters were going out the beginning of this week.
    I also called today to ask because I was dying to know and Brenda from nursing admissions said the letters would be going out this week but she didn't know exactly when. She said letters go out from the admissions office so I could call them to see if they've been sent. So I called and admissions said no decisions have been made? I'm assuming that Brenda from nursing is correct though.
  2. by   amar2
    The minute I hear, either way, I'll post here! Thank you for calling them.
  3. by   allisonmcx
    Same here! Hopefully it'll be soon
  4. by   abbeymg
    I am just confused because one poster said they had been rejected, but admissions said letters haven't been sent out yet? Hopefully we all know soon.
  5. by   allisonmcx
    I personal messaged the person that said they'd been rejected and she said that she got the rejection was via mail this year. I thought maybe she was talking about last year. Looks like they might have seen mail in waves. Who knows. I think admissions maybe hadn't gotten the nursing school's decisions yet when I spoke to them? I'm not sure. But I'm assuming what Brenda from nursing admissions is correct. At least I hope so because that means waiting will be over soon enough.
  6. by   abbeymg
    Hm, interesting. Thank you for calling and keeping us updated. I am not the most patient person when it comes to these types of things, so knowing others are feeling the same is helpful. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  7. by   allisonmcx
    I'm right there with you. It's so nerve wracking. I have finals tomorrow and Thursday. Trying to focus on them while knowing we might find out soon has been torture!
  8. by   arose2
    So I've been following this feed (I'm an applicant for ABSN 2018 and am waiting to hear whether I'm accepted or rejected). I've gotten no word either way as of yet and I'm assuming because y'all haven't posted any word one way or the other, y'all haven't heard either? Anyway, keeping fingers crossed for everyone here and hoping we hear something soon, because waiting and waiting and waiting really sucks.
  9. by   allisonmcx
    Yeah no word yet. I'll post as soon as I hear!
  10. by   allisonmcx
    If you guys know your maine street login, id go on and check. I had the green check mark next to my application status. ACCEPTED !!!!
  11. by   abbeymg

    How did you get that login info?
  12. by   allisonmcx
    I'm taking a prereq there starting January anyway so when I signed up they gave me the login info. but maybe it's in the email they sent after you applied? I'm assuming they've mailed letters since it's on my portal tho so hopefully they'll be coming.
  13. by   Mjc2005
    I got the login info when I applied... still no check for me though!