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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has applied to the University of Minnesota CRNA program? Their essay response asks for the following and I'm wondering if you wrote yours out in an actual essay format? Or, since is says to number your responses, if you answered them as #1-4? Thanks for your help!
    Essay response
    Upload a second document that answers all of the following essay questions. Save the document as "YourLastName UofM Essay" Share with the admissions review committee what makes you an excellent candidate for this intensive DNP program. Please do not exceed 1500 words and number your responses.

    • Your career goals
    • Experiences that have prepared you for advancing career in nursing
    • How your background, education, and other experiences have developed your potential as a leader
    • Ways in which your life experiences will add diversity to the nursing profession
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  3. by   SwinSwin82
    I did mine in essay format because that was what the instructions said on the NursingCAS form. However, after I submitted my application, I noticed that the University admissions website said to number the responses. I hope it's not a big deal. Good luck anyways.
  4. by   RN-SKR
    I also did it essay style.
    When do we hear about interviews?