University of Cincinnati Online FNP Fall '12 - page 4

Anyone beginning UC's online FNP program for the Fall '12 term? I'm looking to network/share information with fellow classmates. -Jay... Read More

  1. by   casias12
    I am in adult. As it turns out, the criteria is pretty loose, at least in my specialty (although I believe a large portion of my cohort are FNP).

    It can be any NP, MD, or DO. They don't seem to care, as long as you get your hours. Now I am not the advisor, but that is what I am doing. The only restriction is PA, but, provided the MD is your "preceptor", and close by, well......

    Like I said, this program is essentially DIY, with little guidance. But then again, so is the career.
  2. by   Sommer nurse
    I am starting the fnp in jan of 13! I'm excited, how has working full time and doing this program been?
  3. by   RN1913
    How is everyone doing? I'm researching programs, and I'm trying to find a good online FNP Program.
  4. by   TSM2017
    I just submitted my you think they have improved any of the problems that they were having? This seems to be a complaint of many online schools.
  5. by   applesxoranges
    How hard is it to find clinical sites in the past year? Do they assist at all with placements?