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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing... Read More

  1. by   eidas
    Is info on these seminars part of your welcome packet? I haven't gotten mine yet...
  2. by   NNPHopeful
    The info was sent in the beginning of May. Its sponsored by the Urban Health Program at UIC. I haven't received a welcome packet from the College of Nursing yet either.
  3. by   Holdsteady11
    When are those? I didn't get any info for them..
  4. by   cbrennan1188
    I would like to attend those sessions, but I've heard nothing about them. Hopefully information comes in our welcome packets
  5. by   NNPHopeful
    These sessions start on Tuesday. Information on them were sent in the beginning of May for those put into the Urban Health Program. Those who identified themselves as African American, Latino, or Native American were put into this program. I have not gotten an official welcome packet from the College of Nursing yet as well.
  6. by   eidas
    Does anyone know what the schedule will be like for the first 15 months of the program? 5 days a week, full days?
  7. by   Emgal
    Hi everyone,
    So, after many phone calls, many emails, an admissions appeal, and a phone interview, I have been accepted to the PNP program. I'm so relieved that they listed to my case, and excited to be starting with all of you in the spring!

    (probably needless to say, I haven't received all of the things people are asking about in the mail, but I am a bit late in the game, and will be keeping my eye out)
  8. by   JennerPNP2Be
    hmm. from reading these posts I thought you hated UIC. hopefully you don't complain as much in class as you did in this public forum. seriously.
  9. by   eidas
    Wow. Congratulations Emgal! I'm so glad it worked out for you!
  10. by   Emgal
    Thanks, eidas!

    Jenner, I won't try to explain or defend myself (for fear of putting my foot in my mouth again...) but I hope that you are able to get a new impression of me when we actually meet in person.
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  11. by   Medik231
    Anyone receive anything yet from the college regarding FinAid or anything like that?
  12. by   Holdsteady11
    Quote from Medik231
    Anyone receive anything yet from the college regarding FinAid or anything like that?
    I did my FAFSA, and that should take about a week to process online. You should then get an award letter in the mail letting you know what you're eligible for. The PLUS loan can't be applied for until I think about 90 days out.
  13. by   Medik231
    I just did mine...Here's to hoping the Feds don't throw me to the private lenders again.....yikes...