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I am interested in the UAB on-line FNP program. Is there anyone who can give me some info on it? I know UAB is a leading school, but am curious about the on-line program. Does it adequately prepare... Read More

  1. by   CeceFNP
    I looked online for a list of all the clinical sites that school has a contrac with buti couldn't fnd it I live in south florida do u have a list u can post or let me kno what they have in my area thanks sooo much
  2. by   paige1665
    I live in Oregon. My sites are different. One of my advisors told me of the clinical sites available in Oregon. None are in my area so I have to make my own. It is a little overwhelming because I have to find preceptors willing to work with me then send in paper work to my school, the agency where the FNP's work, and even the board of nursing. It can take over 6 mos. I am currently working on it because my clinicals start in Jan 2012.
    Hope I answered your question.
  3. by   CeceFNP
    Oh gosh that sounds like a huge hassle scary cuz if they don't have clinial sites in south florida then I'm gonna have to deal with all that yiiiikes thank so much for the info
  4. by   Calalilynurse
    are there scholarships available for students getting their fnp part tiem? i know that fulltime you can apply for through the school of nursing. but i would prefer to start in january 2012 than august 2012.