U of MN or St. Catherine's MSN program?

  1. Hi all,
    I am in great turmoil. I tried to get into the University of MN's Entry-Level Master's program and failed. I feel defeated. I am now trying to get into the Entry-Level Master's program at St. Catherine's. I have people telling me not to settle and to try again next year at the U of MN and people telling me to go to St. Catherine's. I like St. Catherine's cause it is small, personal and friendly. I hate that the U is big and sees you as a number because there are so many people that want to go there - they don't need you. The problem is that the U has the clout and the prestige and the name. So my question is do I do all the hard work and try to get accepted to the U, which may be all for nothing or do I just go for St. Catherine's. I don't want to regret any decisions. Not trying for the U of MN means more time with my small kids but less prestige. If I go for the U of MN, I have to study and take the GRE, volunteer, take another class and perhaps get a CNA job. I don't have to do anything else for admittance into the St. Catherine's program. Does one school over another matter that much? What would you do?
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  3. by   SaraG21

    I don't know if you even check this website anymore, but I'm going to ask you anyway. Did you end up applying to St Kate's Master's - Entry Level program and get in? I am applying for the second time in the next couple months. I applied two years ago when it was brand new and was wait-listed (and eventually didn't get in). If you did, I would love to hear about your experience! I hope to hear from you.
  4. by   ruby0810
    I graduated from Saint Catherine with my undergrad in Public Health. I will be transitioning into nursing and have looked at their MSN program as well. I will be submitting my application soon. I am wondering did you ever applied?

    @saraG21- you will be applying as well? I am applying to other ASBN programs out of state. I have not heard from them yet but their program starts in July/august. Should I just wait for saint Kate? What is your suggestion?
  5. by   cadenza0123
    I'm doing some necromancy here as this thread popped up on my search. I'm finishing prerequisites at Normandale this semester and applying to St. Kate's for Spring 2019; also looking at the U of M. Would be happy to hear about any of your results!
  6. by   cvz90
    Hi, I am also applying for the entry level MSN at St Kate's 2019 start date
  7. by   cadenza0123
    Quote from cvz90
    Hi, I am also applying for the entry level MSN at St Kate's 2019 start date
    That's awesome! Maybe we will be classmates. I just submitted my application a few days ago... so nervous!
  8. by   josieje
    I am in the same boat! applying to st kates 2019 entry level msn program
  9. by   cadenza0123
    Got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago! Anyone else?
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  10. by   emilystarr
    @Cadenza0123 , I'm surprised you heard back so early! Congrats! I submitted my application on June 14th. I was told we would hear by August 15th and possibly earlier (within 4 weeks of submitting.) When did you submit your application?
  11. by   cadenza0123
    I submitted mid-April. Wanted to get my decision as early as possible so I could look at other options in case I didn't get in!
  12. by   emilystarr
    @Cadenza0123 That's great! Did you receive your acceptance through mail or e-mail?
  13. by   cadenza0123
    It was odd, I first received an email from St Kate's IT team with my student ID and directions to log into Kateway. I was like, "ok... does this mean I got in?" Two days later I got the letter in the mail
  14. by   emilystarr
    I got the same email today with my student ID and password! I hope that means I will be receiving an acceptance letter in the mail! Are you planning to go? Did you apply anywhere else?