Suggestions please for research topic/title

  1. Mabuhay!

    Im studying masteral of arts in nursing and my LAST requirement is to finish a Thesis in line with nursing

    1. must be quasi-experimental
    2. use behavioral or cognitive interventions
    (ex. Music therapy, patient education therapy, video-games as divertion activity.....)
    3. must be a nurse-independent intervention
    (yoga therapy or massage therapy are not advised since i need to finish training on those to be allowed to conduct the study)

    im a hemodialysis nurse and i would like to focus my study on their needs which are ways to:

    *decrease pain on venipuncture
    *improve quality of life
    *health education on disease process
    *intervention that can be done on intradialysis period

    If you have suggestions i would appreciate it. i will post updates about my study
    Godbless you all
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to post-grad nursing student for improved response. Research nursing refers to the specialty of nurse working in research centers academic, pharmaceutical or otherwise. I take it that you are not going to school in the US as in the US it is a Masters degree not Masteral degree so not sure if research criteria are same in US & overseas
  4. by   BCRNA
    You have identified some basic ideas in the post, I would recommend picking one and then doing a basic literature review to see what has been done before. I know that there is an enormous amount of research on health related quality of life in people with end stage renal disease (with instruments to measure it). It would be easy to do a pre- post- intervention measurement using a HRQOL of instrument. You would have to do a literature review to determine exactly what the intervention should be. If you can find an article similar to this you can read the recommendations for future study (always a good place for ideas). Perhaps you could test an educational intervention administered during a dialysis treatment.

    The health education on disease process would be very interesting also, but I am not sure how you will actually measure the impact of the education. You will need to consider the length of time needed to complete the study also; you will need an intervention that gives immediate results.

    The four topics you mentioned sound good, you will need to decided which one interests you the most. Then you need to review the literature to justify and guide your study.

    Also, don't wait to the last minute to do the study. IRB approval can slow things down. Even small projects can take several months to a year from inception to completion; add that is assuming you don't have any problems.

    If you can narrow down your specific interests then I could give some further ideas.