Should I retake GRE for direct entry program???

  1. I'm applying for direct entry NP programs this fall and need some advice! I want to go to one of the top schools but I need to know whether to retake the GRE or not.

    My gpa isn't very strong - 3.2 - but I went to a really competitive university so I hope that counts in my favor.
    I got GRE scores of 600 verbal and 680 quantitative.
    I think I can do better than that based on practice tests but it's expensive and stressful! Should I retake the exam? My top schools re UCSF or U.Penn, also looking into NYU, Columbia, Boston College.

    I have strong experience working in clinics, volunteering abroad, and with many public health related jobs, etc. I want to make sure my scores are competitive too. Any advice from people that got into these programs? What were your scores and GPA??
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  3. by   JeanettePNP
    Your GRE scores aren't standout but they aren't too bad either. Usually nursing programs are looking for scores above a certain threshold (and I think 600 definitely qualifies) but in all the GRE score isn't weighted as heavily as other factors such as nursing experience and recommendations.

    Personally I got into one NP program on the strength of my high GPA and GRE, but was rejected from another program because of my lack of experience. (Fortunately I was accepted by my first choice.) So how much your GPA and GRE will help or hurt you depends on what that particular school is looking for.
  4. by   dedicatedone
    Do you mind if I ask what program you got into Jeanette73? Thanks!
  5. by   mbuchanan2107
    When I applied to the UCSF program at few years ago, I believe they said that they do not require a GRE anymore. I am now in the MSN program at the University of Miami that did require the GRE, but when I interviewed with them, they stated they only require it due to the university policy. The person who interviewed me stated that they take into consideration the other parts of your application. Your experience, volunteer work, and public health work should all work in your favor to make you stand out. It never hurts to retake, but your scores are not horrible and not stellar. You scores are higher than what most schools are looking for (over a 1000 total).

    Hope this helps
  6. by   dedicatedone
    I'm currently applying to the UCSF program and they do require the GRE now. Best of luck in Miami!!!
  7. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    I would recommend contacting your schools and ask what the mean GPA and mean GRE is. If your GPA is below their mean, then your GRE should likely be above the mean to be a competitive candidate.

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