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  1. by   jd2nurse
    Lots of stuff to comment on, let me see:

    First, thanks for the good wishes re: being accepted already. I'm so happy and relieved that I'm there. I wish all of you who are still waiting for news (either of an interview date or acceptance) the best of luck. Make sure you're keeping all your options open. There are many avenues for getting your RN. And, at 43, I've learned that there is one key to getting where you want to go in life: Perseverance. If SMU doesn't work out for you for whatever reason, if you keep trying you WILL become an RN. It really works! If you ever want a real-life (and breathtaking) example of that, watch the movie "Rudy."

    @2bgr8: My reasons for the career change are complex. In a nutshell, I was finding myself craving a way to help people more concretely than being an environmental lawyer offered. I was pre-med when I started college, so I've always been inclined toward a career in medicine. Med school is just too much of a committment of $ and time, so I decided on NP. I chose that route over PA because I understand that although NPs and PAs are almost indistinguishable here on the West Coast, NPs tend to practice more autonomously and NPs also have the option to work as nurses to accumulate experience (or perhaps pack in some per-diem hours). Plus, I also am personally more suited to the holistic model of care than the medical model. I agree with everything you said re: Sierra, Solano, Sac City.
  2. by   jd2nurse
    Quote from kellye77
    Hello. I am new to this and I am a little confused. I applied to the ELMSN and the ABSN but I have not heard from either. I am assuming this is a bad thing as far as the ELMSN is concerned since interviews have already been conducted? please let me know if anyone has any information on this matter. Thank you very much!
    Welcome to the discussion, Kellye!

    My understanding is that there is no interview for the ABSN. I don't know how/when they let you know. (Oct?) As for the ELMSN, there have been a few rounds of interviews, but I wouldn't say they are "done." If you want to know whether you're still being considered for an interview, I would recommend you call Liza. She is very friendly and helpful (not to mention responsive). If she can tell you anything, I'm sure she will. Good luck! Erik
  3. by   kellye77
    Hey guys thanks for all the help. YES I did apply on time. When I met with an admissions administrator she said I had a very likely chance of getting into the program . That is why I am a little confused regarding the interviews. I have been emailing Liza back and forth regarding one of my classes and she has not mentioned that the acceptance for the program is over ( which you think she would) ha. Or at least hope so Does she do the ABSN and the ELMSN program? I ask because I did apply to both Geez... now I am worried. Thanks again
  4. by   kellye77
    I had one more comment... did all of you apply for FNP? I applied for the Case Management ELMSN ... does this maybe change when interviews are done or no? Thanks!
  5. by   AcousticFoodie
    The case manager interviews are done one on one so the interview process might not be over. Liza will give you whatever information you need. good luck Kelly!

    - Will
  6. by   2bgr8nurse
    Will- I was not in the same interview group as you guys. Mine was on Monday morning. Nice to meet you!
    In regards to living recommendations, I think you would enjoy Downtown Sac better than Davis. The UCD scene is cool, but I think you would find bars and restaurants in Downtown Sac that are just as good with a little more mature group. There's a lot of good restaurants in Sacramento if that's what you like. And like Erik said the price of living in Davis is that much more, because of the university so that's always something to consider. Just a warning though, the weather in the Sacramento area is much different than the bay area. Summer days are normally between 90 and 100 degrees and can sometimes go as high as 105+.
  7. by   chowchua
    Quote from jd2nurse
    Well, Will, Davis rocks when it comes to the college-age crowd. So, I forget how old you are, but if that's what you're into then I recommend it (bars, restaurants, etc). Drawbacks are (in addition to the commute) that it's more $ and the housing is not as plentiful. If you're on a budget, I would recommend somewhere in mid-town Sac. It's definitely more diverse than Davis and cheaper. We're going to have lots of fun up here, so I hope you choose the Sac campus!

    Plus, Living in Davis, you have to think about traffic on the causeway! Let's not forget that!
  8. by   AcousticFoodie
    I was wondering if you guys could share why you chose SMU since there are a lot cheaper options out there. I'm fine with moving to Sac (thanks for all the help guys) but now I'm starting to have some fear from reading the forums of all these people who can't find work after graduating. Its scary to graduate with so much debt from the program and enter a job market that only wants experienced nurses and not grads
  9. by   jd2nurse
    Happy to, Will. Several reasons. I am 43 and so I want to get my degree done rather than wait for a cheaper route to open up. My wife and I are planning to have kids soon, and moving out of Sac to go to school was not something we wanted to consider. Locally the options for advance practice are either the PA route (UC Davis) or NP. I am not inclined to go the PA route for two reasons (1) I am more suited to a psycho-social model of learning and care than the medical model of care; and (2) Based on the people I've talked to being an NP is more versatile....for example one can be a nurse in addition to being an NP (per diem hours and such). This doesn't mean I ruled out PA school completely. It was my backup plan.

    So, once I had prioritized NP, I had identified three main routes: (1) ADN from community college, followed by RN-BSN program (if necessary), followed by UC Davis NP/PA; (2) CSUS BSN, followed by UC Davis NP/PA; or (3) ELMSN from Samuel Merritt.

    Path 1 did not appeal to me because several people I've talked to have been waiting for years to get into a community college nursing program. I don't want to wait around playing the lottery. CSUS was actually my plan A, but then the budget mess forced them to shut their doors to new students starting in Spring. I don't want to wait around for their doors to open again. (I had no guarantee of getting in, either, as they are super selective.) Finally, there's the Samuel Merritt route, which thankfully panned out for me.

    I realize it's expensive, but I'm still willing to do it for a few reasons (other than the ones I've mentioned.) It's a well-respected program for starters (at least according to the people (RNs and NPs) I talked to. I'm married and my wife has a stable job with a good income, so when I graduate I can hopefully put much of my salary to work paying off the loans. And finally, I've heard there are options for repayment. Cindy Reed, one of the Samuel Merritt NP students, has a plan worked out to have her loans repaid for her after graduation. I haven't looked into these programs, but I'll bet they exist. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if this health care reform eventually extends the tuition repayment programs being offered to MDs who specialize in primary care to NPs.

    For what it's worth, that's my rationale. Good luck! Hope to see you in Sac come January. Erik
  10. by   pphmd
    Wow! So many people have posted such helpful and positive information. Anyone else out there interviewing for the ELMSN -FNP track in Sacramento, Tuesday Sept 8th?
  11. by   kellye77
    Hello PPHMD. Yes I am in that interview group!! Really looking foward to it... a little nervous, but just have to think positive!! I am guessing you are in that group as well?
  12. by   nursingimomma
    Hi I am also interviewing on Sept 8th... what time are you guys interviewing.... mine is at 4:30 PM.... glad there are others in the same boat...
  13. by   jd2nurse
    Good luck, you guys! Remember to be genuine.