Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP 2010 - Sacramento Applicants - page 18

Anyone out there applying for this program? Looking for some friends to share the stress of the waiting game with!... Read More

  1. by   2bgr8nurse
    Eternally- yay you are so close! Have you received anything from SMU in regards to what you need to be doing to be prepared to begin on January 4th?
  2. by   mickeydoodle315
    Hey everyone,
    Just wondering for those on the waitlist if anyone's heard anything yet ? It's been a while sense I've heard from Liza, moved to #4, but wasn't sure if there was any movement...considering school starts on the 4th of January.
  3. by   2bgr8nurse
    This was a tough wait and now I guess we'll be waiting a lot longer. 2011 seems so far away What are the rest of you waitlisters going to do to keep yourselves busy this year?
  4. by   mickeydoodle315
    Hey there,
    Yeah, just got word too about not getting in. Transferred my apps to SMU Oakland, would like to stay in Sac, so even though waiting for SMU 2011 is hard, gonna probably work and still go to school. What are you planning on doing ?
  5. by   2bgr8nurse
    Hey mickeydoodle- Did you call Liza? I haven't heard from her. How many did she say got in from the waitlist? I am going to take some bonus courses while I wait and then work as usual. Going to Oakland is really not an option for me, because I have young kids. If I could move somewhere and finish school I would though. Good luck on all of your goals!
  6. by   mickeydoodle315
    Hi 2bgr8nurse,
    Yeah, I would like to stay up here in the sac area personally. I actually played phone tag with Liza, so I'm not quite sure of who has gotten in or not. I'm hoping to get in touch with her possibly in a couple of months though to see what I can do to improve my application. Good luck with your goals too ! Hopefully we'll see each other next year in class 2011.
  7. by   chowchua
    I just talked to Liza about improving my application. I am going to apply for Oakland and see what happens. I'm taking some classes in hopes to improve my standing for the future.
    Let's keep in touch and see what happens.
    Happy New Years!
  8. by   2bgr8nurse
    Hey Chowchua- What classes do you plan on taking?
  9. by   chowchua
    I'm taking A&P and Pharmacology. I re-did some of my statements. So hopefully I show up stronger on paper.
  10. by   CecileSF
    Hi, I wanted to know if any of you in sac can give me some tips on the interviews for the elmsn program. I've been preparing since I got the invitation but am still very nervous.