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  1. by   AcousticFoodie
    Hmmm....does anyone here know what the Sacramento Campus has to compete with the human simulation center that the Oakland campus has? They make a really big deal about it in their site about how its a million dollar lab that can offer students a chance to react with dummies that can simulate all sorts of medical conditions. I really wish the Sacramento campus had a Gym and library like the Oakland campus does...where do you normally do your studying Erik?

    PS - Is anyone here going to need to move to Sac and need to find roommates?

  2. by   AcousticFoodie
    Hey Erik thanks for the Link about Loan Repayment! Do you know how sustainable these programs are throughout the years? I looked at your link and it says:

    "Now accepting applications for Loan Repayment Awards funded by $200 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. Applications will be accepted continuously until funds are expended or September 30, 2010, whichever comes first."

    It says people are only eligible after that have already gotten their credentials. We won't get our FNPs until well past the 2010 deadline.
  3. by   jd2nurse
    Hey Will-
    I went to an orientation/information session prior to the interviews several months ago and a couple of the students gave a few of us a quick tour. I'm sure the Sac campus facilities are relatively primitive compared to Oak. They did have dummies in the lab room, but they didn't seem especially high tech. But then I don't know what they have in Oak. I do most of my studying at home or in coffee places. I know there is a Panera bread in Natomas that I understand has free wifi, but I've never tried it. There is a GREAT indi coffee place in downtown sac called Temple Coffee and Tea (free wifi), but it is usually packed. I imagine there are quiet rooms on the "campus" that folks can study in, but I didn't ask about them. I always like the restaurant/coffee place option to get away from distractions. Plus, you can't beat the people watching! Sorry I'm not more help, but there are definitely spots....
  4. by   scubronco
    Hey Will,

    They do have a simulation dummy that you get to work with in your clinical skills lab at the Sacramento campus. We didn't get to use it as much for our pre-licensure portion, but I think they are starting to change that and are trying to incorporate it more early on in the program.
  5. by   jsaenzam
    2bgr8nurse we definitely were in the same interview group. I was a little suspicious too, but could have sworn that was what they said. Silly me, I've already told everyone I didn't get in since I didn't get a call, and I guess I still have a chance. Thanks! I feel much better now.
  6. by   2bgr8nurse
    Waiting, waiting, waiting. Those who got early acceptance are so lucky. As soon as anyone gets an acceptance call or denial letter please post it so the rest of us will know that the time has come. Has anyone checked with admissions lately to see the status of the admittance process?
  7. by   pphmd
    Here's an update for everyone...

    I had my group interview for FNP yesterday. Our group head count was 9 people. Some new information that was passed on to us that I didn't see posted anywhere here was...

    1. Yesterday was the last day SMU was holding interviews for the FNP program.
    2. Our panel told us there were approximately 115 FNP applicants interviewed for 21 FNP spots. (CM was different).
    3. They also said if you receive a phone call, you are in. If not, they will send you a letter.
    4. Finally, our panel said since we were the last interview group they should be able to make their final decisions within 2-3 weeks time from yesterday.

    I hope this helps some of you who are anxiously waiting phone calls! Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   2bgr8nurse
    pphmd- What'd you think about the interview process and how you did? Wow only 21 spots and as far as we know 2 have been taken. So in three weeks we should know (if everything goes as they said). Thanks for updating us!
  9. by   pphmd
    I think I answered everything the best I could, considering it was the most "unique and different" interview I have ever been to. But we'll have to see how the panel judged us in the end. I thought it was somewhat difficult to tell what exactly they were looking for in the applicants. Anyways, if you want to talk more openly about it feel free to send me a private message. Take care and hope for the best!
  10. by   AcousticFoodie
    Hey guys I just discovered this awesome blog about a direct-entry FNP graduate who started writing about her experiences on the job from day 1. She even comments about the hostility towards Direct Entry nurses:

    "My program was an accelerated program. Most of the students with whom I attended school had non-nursing baccalaureate degrees. There seems to be some on-going debate about whether or not my type of NPs are "real" nurses"

    Its been a very good read for me so far and I think you guys will like it also.
  11. by   2bgr8nurse
    She is hilarious. Thanks for sharing the link with us.
  12. by   AcousticFoodie
    Hey the SMU FNP program isn't like UCSF's right? According to one of the PNPs at my hospital, UCSF requires that all their students get a job as an RN after they get their RN portion of the program before continuing on for their FNP. That PNP has a daughter that goes there but noone is willing to hire her because they all know she's from UCSF and don't want to train a new nurse that's going to leave them in a year (especially during this not shortage nursing shortage). So now her program is on hold. I don't remember SMU saying that we need to be able to get RN work expereince before continuing our FNP portion right?
  13. by   wishing2beanRN
    Hey all!! Hope you hang in there for all those who are waiting. It will come soon enough. =)

    Willmak: No, you do not need RN experience to be a FNP. It does state it in the curriculum you need this amount of RN hours, but with the economy right now, they are willing to wave that into the later 3 clinical semesters during the FNP portion. You have to understand that the scope of practice of a RN and FNP is VERY DIFFERENT. I think the common similarity is the fact you have to have good interperonal skills and bedside manner. We heard from the older FNP students this semester that most are quitting their RN jobs or significantly reducing the amount of hours they work because the amount of clinical hours in the last 3 semesters is very demanding. You will have 2-4 clinical sites a week for the last 3 semesters and will be traveling A LOT ( vacaville,vallejo,el cerrito, stockton, marysville, san leandro, etc.) just to get experience in all areas. A lot of flexibility is expected! After all, our primary goal is to be the best FNP we can be, not just a RN. So, most of us 2nd years who still have not found a job yet think there is no point in looking for a RN job when we will be quitting in less than year.