RN with bachelors degree in a non nursing area

  1. I have a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management. Looking to go back for a MSN/FNP. Any recommended programs for this type of situation. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nursetim
    Direct entry programs. Some accelerated bsn students go direct into our NP program. They have to work at least part-time while in school to get experience. check this place out http://www.allnursingschools.com/find/ very useful.
  4. by   shengl711
    I have a similiar question..

    I currently hold an engineering bachelor degree and I am working full time, and I am interested in switching career to nursing. I like to start taking nursing classes while still working full-time through online programs, but I have not been able to find any bachelor of nursing program through online except for RN to BSN. Does anyone know if such an online program exists? I do not want to quit my job just to go back to school because I need the income to be in school.


  5. by   TheSquire
    You need real, practical, in-person experience in order to learn nursing. It is not something that you can get just from reading a book. You will have to show up to class for at least some of your courses. For example, Louis University in IL has an evening/weekend "Accelerated" BSN, and there are other ABSN or Master's-Entry/Graduate-Entry MSN programs. You can also take night classes towards an ASN/ADN.

    As for affording school - welcome to the world of student loans. Most hospitals will pay off your loans if you go work for them for x number of years after you get your RN.