Questions for Columbia ETP Students!

  1. Hello,

    I will be applying to Columbia's ETP program this coming fall, and I have a few questions...If anyone can answer any of these, I'd greatly appreciate it!:spin:

    First, how much experience do they expect you to have in the master's specialty that you apply to? I will be applying to the acute care nurse practitioner track, but I haven't had experience in acute care. I have had a good amount of patient contact because I work as a research assistant at Cornell Med, however the nature of this contact is in a psychiatric clinical setting...does this matter?

    I know that for some master's specialties, they require you to work for a year or two as an RN in the field that you plan on doing your master's in. Which specialties require this, and which specialties let you go straight through to the master's portion of the program?

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  3. by   kmp2120
    Hello anniepants...

    I am a current Columbia ETP student and will try to answer your questions. I think that anesthesia and neo-natal are the only programs that have a work requirement before beginning the master's portion.

    Your clinical experience is more than sufficient, as some of the students currently in the program have little or no healthcare experience. There are many students that have extensive research experience though.

    Keep the questions coming. I have really enjoyed the program so far - and I am now enjoying the month-long break!!
  4. by   anniepants
    Thanks, KMP! Your reply was very helpful. I will actually be attending the ETP info session next Friday, so I'm looking forward to meeting some of the faculty and seeing the campus. Did you attend an info session before you applied? If so, was it very helpful?

    Do you think that the lack of an interview during the application process is a disadvantage? I'm working on my personal statement now, and I'm stressing out because I feel like it matters so much more because there is no interview...
  5. by   kmp2120

    I didn't attend the official info session, but did look around the area some before applying. I attended the visiting day after acceptance and that was really good.

    I do think that not having interviews is a disadvantage. I guess it's because of the number of applications, but I think it would be difficult to choose a class solely on paperwork. I do think that the personal statement is one of the biggest deciding factors and saying everything in one page is not easy. Just be sure to mention your previous patient contact experience.

    I'm not sure if I will be around next Friday or not, but if I am and you'd like to meet up for lunch or a coffee or something, just pm me. Maybe I could answer some more of your questions. What time is the session?

    Good luck!!
  6. by   anniepants
    Thanks for the offer..I really appreciate it! I think it would be really helpful to speak with you in person, but unfortunately I have a doctor's appointment shortly after the info session (which is from 9.45-noonish). There may be a possibility that the session could end early, in which case we could grab a coffee or something if you have the time.

    Also, I would have PM'ed you, but I don't know how...I feel really stupid right now..haha.