Queen's University ABSN Program 2019

  1. Hey there! I am not entirely sure if there is a thread for the Queen's University ABSN 2019 program yet, but I wanted to go ahead and start one just in case. Is anyone planning on applying to the ABSN program here in Charlotte? Or, if not, are there any recent graduates of the ABSN program who would like to share some of their experiences with the program? I started my application today (albeit very early), and I just had a few questions in regards to the actual program itself. Any help is better than none at all so I look forward to hearing from you all!
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    It is a violation of TOS to have nurse in your username if you are not one. Nurse is a legally protected name/term, just like Doctor is. Would you represent yourself as DoctorBae27 on a doctor's forum?
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    I am applying for the 2019 ABSN program at Queens too! Did you do the undergraduate application or the upper division nursing application? I thought we just did a general application and then an application to the ABSN program so I was unsure when those were my options.