Midwifery MSN programs??

  1. What should I expect, what do I look for in a good program--are the online ones any good, and what happens AFTER you get your degree--do you find a Doc and start practicing, or start your own, or what??

    I am thinking ahead to after I get my BSN--how competitive are the midwifery programs out there and are the online ones worthwhile?

    I want to persue my masters--is it SUPER hard to get in?? What has your experience been like?

    MILLIONS of ??? here...
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  3. by   birthmamaew
    [FONT="Tahoma"]There are lots of programs out there. Which one is best for you really depends on your situation and the type of learner you are. In terms of online programs, may are very reputable such as Frontier. The trick with these programs is that you have to have a preceptor who will mentor yo in the area. Also, you need to be super motivated/disciplined to complete the modules online. I am an auditory learner and really need to hear someone say things so these programs are not what I am pursuing, but may people love them. Some programs are trending towards offering the CNM with the WHNP so that you have two certifications and your options are broader for jobs. I would take a look at ACNM's website. (www.acnm.org) They have a page with all the different options and contact information for the schools. Good luck!
  4. by   puggymae
    Frontier Nursing Service is an awesome program, but they only take a few students per class and it is very competitive. But that is true of the midwifery program at our local University. A co-worker had a hard time finding a preceptor to work with. I would ask all of the questions that I had to each program I investigated.
  5. by   May_baby
    I think the University of Cincinnati has an online Midwifery certificate program as well.

    Check with the school to see if the program is still in place.