MEPN at University of California, San Francisco 2006

  1. Is there anyone who's applied to the MEPN at UCSF for Summer 2007? I would love to communicate about the stresses of the application process and concerns or knowledge anyone may have.

    Also . . .
    Is there anyone out there who knows about this application process. What are the minimum competative GRE scores and GPA. I know that GRE scores and GPA will only get you so far, but I am grasping for straws during this waiting period.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Moved to the Graduate Student Nurse Forum for more responses. You might look at the California Forum if no responses here.
  4. by   kcocat
    Did you get into this program by chance? I'm transferring in this term (spring 08) from another direct entry program in WI and I'd love to talk to someone currently in the program (the healthcare systems leadership track)