master's in public health

  1. Anyone has done or doing a "master's in public health"??

    I see this as the only online master's degree my school offers. I just wanted to know a little more of what people with this type of master's do.

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    Moved thread to the more appropriate post-grad forum, vs. the graduate nurse (GN) forum. Thanks!
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    I'm planning to but I can't offer much to this thread; there are a few threads already if you do a search for MPH.
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    I have an MPH in Community Health & Prevention. You can get an MPH in a variety of disciplines, including environmental health, epidemiology/biostats, health policy, and community health. Public health professionals are focused on improving population health primarily through disease prevention programs, policymaking, and disease surveillance. You can work in a variety of settings, including health departments, hospitals, universities, research centers, and federal government agencies (HRSA, CDC, NIH). I work on the Chronic Disease Prevention unit at a local health department. I find my job very rewarding, but I'm looking to expand my career in health by going into nursing. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
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    For more info, you can also visit
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    thanks everyone for your responses.

    I want to get a master's degree after I complete this BSN-- and I do not want to do ARNP-- so I am researching other options.
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    I have an MPH. I did a general program for people with previous clinical degrees where you could design your own focus. My focus was on public health informatics and research design. Public health is a really broad field with many distinct sub-specialties. There are an endless amount of career paths you could take with an MPH. I think this website is a good resource: