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  1. [FONT="Tahoma"]This may seem like a silly request but I am about to start my graduate program and will be commuting each day to a major east coast city via train, schlepping etc. I will also have a ton of books and a laptop. I am wondering if anyone has found a messenger bag that can hold everything yet not destry their back. ( I wound up aith a pinched nerve last year from my bag.) Sadly there are no lockers available at my school so I really will have to lug most stuff. Let me know what you like!
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    Oh! And I REALLY like a nice organizational panel for my ipod, palm phone etc. Thanks again.
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    Walmart!! I'm a cheapskate... . Get one of those small rolling suitcases....like pilots use. A place for everything!
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    I have a backpak on wheels. It is called "Eastsport". Works great! This one I have gotten has a place for my books in one compartment and a good padded compartment for my laptop also. Then there are other smaller pockets to hold other things such as pencils, pens, but big enough to hold a PDA, or something like that. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, I do believe I got mine at Wal-Mart.
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    I have a timbuktu. It's very durable and they come in all imaginable sizes w/ different features.

    But the way to go is to lighten the load. Have all your books unbound and drilled w/ three holes at kinkos. Keep the bulk of the texts at home in binders and pull out only the chapters that are relevent to what you are studying. Instead of hauling five or more books to school (and on your back) you just bring what you need in one binder. It saves space in your pack to for lunch or a pair of running shoes etc. It's one of the best ideas I have ever gotten off of this site.

    Let us know if you decide to do it, I'm trying to recruit people I think it's such a great idea.
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    I have never heard of having your books unbound and holed. It is a fantastic idea. I will be trying that this coming semester