Looking at online PMHNP programs... but some are eliminating MSN program

  1. I've recently started thinking about going to school to be a PMHNP. I've been looking at some online distance learning options, and I've found that some programs are already discontinuing their MSN PMHNP option and replacing it with a DNP program. I thought these changes were supposed to take place in 2015. Furthermore, I was at Vanderbilt's open house today, and some of the staff made it seem like the 2015 changes weren't a for sure thing yet. If someone could shed some light on this situation it would be great. Also, does anyone know of any good online programs for PMHNP? I'm not having much luck! Thanks
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  3. by   Rob_RN
    Hey, I was at the open house yesterday also. I see that you are interested at the PMHNP program like me. They did downplay the 2015 date, especially in the morning session. however, I have been to other open houses that think this is going to happen. So I guess I am confused like you. I just wanted to reply because we are in the same boat. Did you attend the first PMHNP session? There seemed to be tons of people there interested in the program.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
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  5. by   STA51
    Yep, I was at the first PMHNP meeting. I doubt I'll get in (pre-specialty) with only a 3.2 gpa. I'm sure you heard the PMHNP professor say that a 3.5 or 3.6 is what's really needed to get in. Vanderbilt is so expnesive, but this is the only program like it in the Nashville area. I'm thinking of just going to Belmont for their accelerated BSN program, and maybe apply to Vandy's PMHNP program after that... or maybe another online program. It's just going to suck if the 2015 changes really do come to fruition.

    Edit: are you from the Nashville area?
  6. by   myelin
    I'm applying to programs to become a PMHNP. As far as I can tell, the DNP becoming the requirement isn't necessarily a sure thing at all. It would require state nursing boards to get involved. It seems like many programs are in flux right now, trying to decide whether or not to cross over to the DNP, keep both a DNP and MSN, or just stick with an MSN. There are still plenty of MSN programs, in fact all of the programs I am applying to are MSN programs (although some have a DNP option, I believe).
  7. by   STA51
    Cool, that makes me feel better. I'm just at a major crossroads at the moment. Trying to decide between going to social work grad school to become a LCSW or go to nursing school to become a (hopefully) psych RN then PMHNP, so this whole 2015 deal is hanging over my head as I'm trying to make this decision.
  8. by   myelin
    Oh, I was in a very similar situation. I initially wanted to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology but decided against it after working in a psych lab for several years. Unfortunately it seems like unless you have rx authority, it's hard to make a decent living working in mental health. Plus I'm really interested in the relation between physical health and mental health, so nursing is a far better choice. I've heard things are pretty bad for LCSWs right now, it sucks that things have become so impacted! Good luck with your decision.
  9. by   STA51
    Thanks. I'm hearing lots of social workers who have recently obtained their MSW say they can't find a job!
  10. by   myelin
    Yeah, my personal opinion is that it would be a very bad idea to go into social work right now. I know it's hard to consider the market when you're really excited about going into a field, but really, I would not consider any field right now that isn't STEM related or healthcare. Maybe business.