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Johns Hopkins BSN-MSN or Yale GEPN? Which do you believe is the stronger program and why? (this is a question of opinion and not an invitation to flame either school) Please feel free to... Read More

  1. by   LookingAhead
    Quote from FNPHopeful2012
    Hi Biddy,

    I am struggling to decide between Yale or Hopkins for FNP. I decided against Columbia because they did not have any opportunities to go abroad on rotations that Hopkins and Yale offer. I am not sure how much to base my decision on rankings considering Hopkins is #1 in Nursing overall, #7 FNP, while Yale is #7 in Nursing overall, and also #7 in FNP. I am pretty adaptable to a lot of situations, so the cities do not bother me at all. I've always had dreams to go to an Ivy League school, which may seem silly, but it seems hard to just let go of Yale. But Hopkins seems to offer so much in terms of its public health rotations abroad, etc. If anyone still follows this thread, how did you end up deciding?

    Thank you!
    I'm interested to read more about Yale's opportunities to do rotations abroad, if you could point me in the right direction, FNPHopeful2012. I had read about the opportunities that they describe on their website (Our Programs | Yale School of Nursing) for going to Nicaragua/Hong Kong/the Dominican Republic, but those are only week-long trips that happen over spring break, I believe. Do you know of other opportunities abroad that they offer?
  2. by   Biddy
    That's it for international opportunities - just spring break trips.
  3. by   FNPHopeful2012
    Yeah, i think that is it. Only observation type trips. This is kind of the deciding factor for me because I really want to be able to go abroad and do work! But, I still need to find out how likely JHU students get to go is. If it's very selective and there is a high chance that I won't be able to end up going, I don't want to rule out Yale either then.

    LookingAhead, are you deciding between schools too?
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    I'm sure it would be a great experience, but this is definitely the sort of thing that you could get a professor to help you out with on your own for a spring break period or for a summer (if you find you don't want to just chill at the beach when it finally comes time!). I used to live in a remote place abroad and regularly hosted students in the health professions during summers who poked around in the local hospitals and clinics. Whether or not any given one of these schools has a spring break trip abroad doesn't have to be a deciding factor.

    So far I'm in at Columbia and have two other interviews coming up - I hope to be so lucky as to be deciding among schools!
  5. by   FNPHopeful2012
    Thanks, you're right. I have so much thinking left to do about this. Anyway, good luck!!