Immunizations keep me from Columbia???

  1. Hi everyone,
    I decided to start this as a new thread cause our accepted applicants thread became too confusing with all the questions.
    The health forms that are required for registration include, among other, 3 Hep B immunizations plus a titer showing immunity. I grew up in Eastern Europe, and we were not immunized against Hep B at all. The immunization requires 3 shots, and the minimum time span between the second and the third is 6 months. The forms need to be in by the end of May the latest. What am I to do? Is there any chance they will accept me with the first 2 shots done on condition that I do 3rd ASAP?
    I couldn't reach the immunization person in Columbia today, and am worried sick. Please give me some words of encouragement... Or should I forget the whole nursing school idea this year at all...?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I can't say 100% but really don't think it is a huge deal especially if you will have two of them by the time you start clinicals. Here the Hep B is not mandated, its suggested and you have to sign a waiver declining but they can't make you get one. Don't worry, it should be fine. Let us know how it worked out. Jules
  4. by   lc3

    Honestly, I think you will be fine. I was recently accepted into UoR and they wanted the same thing with Hep B shots. I called the schools office and she said they expected you to be in the process of and not nesceraily completed it by the start date. It is not usually required but recommended to get Hep B shots. So, dont worry. I mean if you literally were just notified of acceptance and there is not enough time between now and your start date, they really cannot expect you to have this done by start of class!

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  5. by   iriska_meller
    Thank you for the encouragement guys... I can't be the first person in that situation, can I? Why wouldn't they list it on the application requirements, if they know it requires 7 months, instead of informing me about it after acceptance, 3 months before the classes start? Eh, am I frustrated! :flamesonb :flamesonb :flamesonb
  6. by   cozzy66
    I'm pretty sure you should be fine if you don't have all your Hep B immunizations done by the deadline - back when I was getting them around 10 years ago they were optional. Just let them know that you are in the process and i'm sure everything will go smoothly
  7. by   GardenDove
    Tell them that you are a Christian Scientist...
  8. by   iriska_meller
    Quote from GardenDove
    Tell them that you are a Christian Scientist...
    Can't they tell me that you can be any religion you want, but if you want to go into medicine you need to get vaccinated ?
  9. by   Soup Turtle
    My school requires all three in the series before you start the program. It used to be that you had to have all three before the first day of clinicals, but they changed it.
  10. by   iriska_meller
    hoooray! I just talked to the lady in Columbia, and she said that AS LONG AS YOU START IT'S OK!!!!! :roll Oh, I'm SO relieved... well, I guess this thread may go now... Thank you everyone for encouragement!!!+